Apartment Maintenance Tools24 Hour Apartment Maintenance Request

The maintenance staff at Colonnade would like to make living in your Harrisonburg apartment as comfortable as possible. Colonnade Apartments at Rocktown is pleased to provide our residents with 24-hour emergency apartment service and prompt attention to all non-emergency requests. At Colonnade every apartment maintenance call is treated as a priority. If and when you have a maintenance service request in your Harrisonburg apartment, please call it to our attention when it first occurs so that we can respond quickly and remedy the problem. Hopefully, you'll never need this service, but if you do, you will certainly appreciate having our trained service staff just a phone call away. You may also use the on-line service request for all non-emergency requests via your Resident Portal.

Routine Apartment Maintenance: 540-442-7368

Please remember that when calling the 24-hour maintenance number after office hours and on holidays, you will reach an answering service. The answering service will ask you the nature of the problem and determine if it is a "true" emergency. Our personnel will then be contacted by the answering service if a true emergency does exist.

Resident Portal and Maintenance Request.