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Public Parks in Harrisonburg, Virginia

Exploring the Best Parks in Harrisonburg, VA: A Local’s Guide

Harrisonburg, Virginia boasts an array of picturesque parks that feature an oasis of tranquility and multiple recreation opportunities. From lush green spaces to lively recreational facilities, Harrisonburg’s parks are a testament to the city’s commitment to fostering a healthy and active lifestyle for its residents. So, put on your walking shoes, grab a picnic basket, and let’s explore the best parks in Harrisonburg!

Purcell Park

Purcell Park in Harrisonburg VAOur journey begins at the crown jewel of Harrisonburg’s parks – Purcell Park. Spread across 67 acres, this magnificent park is a paradise for nature enthusiasts and fitness fans alike. Take a leisurely stroll along the scenic walking trails that wind through groves of towering trees, or challenge yourself to the fitness stations strategically placed throughout the park. The park includes three softball/baseball fields, three tennis courts, two pickleball courts, a playground, three picnic shelters, several restrooms, and a 1.5-mile walking trail. A large portion of the Bluestone Trail also runs through the park. The peaceful ponds, rolling meadows, and vibrant flowerbeds of Purcell Park highlight the beauty of nature intertwined while offering urban recreation.

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A Dream Come True Playground

A Dream Come True Playground in Harrisonburg VAA Dream Come True Playground is a completely accessible/inclusive playground with many unique and one-of-a-kind features. The playground has separate equipment for 2-5 year olds and 5-12 year olds plus more fun and exciting equipment. Features include a rock, rainbow arches, shade structures, roadway, hammock swing, draw wall, pavilion, and family comfort stations that are fully accessible.

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Ralph Sampson Park

Ralph Sampson Park in Harrisonburg, VaNamed in honor of the legendary basketball player, Ralph Sampson Park embodies the spirit of athleticism and community unity. With state-of-the-art sports facilities, including basketball courts, a turf field, and a track, Ralph Sampson Park beckons athletes and sports enthusiasts from all walks of life. The Park includes two picnic shelters, restroom facilities, three basketball courts, playground equipment, a sports field, and a Futsal Complex. A natural surface walking trail (0.3 miles) runs through the park as well. Challenge your friends to a friendly match, engage in heart-pumping exercises, or simply soak in the atmosphere as local teams compete. The park’s commitment to promoting an active lifestyle and fostering camaraderie makes it a true gem within the Harrisonburg community.

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Hillandale Park

Hillandale Park Harrisonburg VAHillandale Park is a sprawling 74-acre park offering an array of recreational opportunities for visitors of all ages. Discover the thrill of disc golf on the 18-hole championship course, or let your furry friends frolic freely in the dedicated dog park. For a relaxing escape, find a cozy spot by the lake and cast your fishing line, or simply soak in the peaceful ambiance while enjoying a family picnic. Hillandale Park features 12 picnic shelters, playground equipment, a regulation sand volleyball court, two asphalt basketball courts, three restroom facilities, and a 1.3-mile walking trail. The Friendly City Trail runs through the park, and Hillandale Park also marks the entrance to the Rocktown Bike Trails.

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Heritage Oaks Golf Course

Heritage Oaks Golf CourseFor those who enjoy golfing amidst picturesque landscapes, Heritage Oaks Golf Course presents an opportunity to swing into relaxation. This meticulously maintained 18-hole public golf course features a delightful blend of challenging fairways and breathtaking views of the Shenandoah Valley. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a novice seeking a new hobby, the course’s undulating greens, strategic bunkers, and inviting clubhouse create the perfect place to brush up on your long and short game. Grab your clubs, tee up, and enjoy a memorable day of golfing in the heart of Harrisonburg.

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Westover Park

Westover Park Harrisonburg, VAThis 48-acre park is home to the Westover Swimming Pool Complex, the Cecil F. Gilkerson Community Activities Center, the Westover Skate Park (currently closed), and a 21-hole Disc Golf Course. The park also has four picnic shelters, a playground area, and the Price Rotary Senior Center.

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Harrisonburg’s wonderful collection of public parks provides everything from serene escapes to vigorous sports and everything in between. Whether it’s the sprawling beauty of Purcell Park, the athletic excitement of Ralph Sampson Park, or the tranquil allure of Hillandale Park, Harrisonburg’s public spaces embody the essence of community spirit, well-being, and joy.