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Harrisonburg is a special place – a small town with charm and surprisingly vibrant culture. James Madison University helps to inspire a young, vibrant downtown area that is hip while still being fun for the entire family. Opportunities to enjoy outdoor recreation, educational activities, art, music, and great food are all within reach in this delightfully warm and welcoming town. Great health care and excellent shopping are located conveniently, making Harrisonburg the perfect town for everyone.

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Harrisonburg Restaurants

Harrisonburg Restaurants

Harrisonburg dining is a collection of great food that was made to be enjoyed with family and friends. As the craft beer culture continues to thrive, Harrisonburg has become the home of delicious brews and brewers who are happy to share their knowledge (over a beer or two, that is). Great bistro and gourmet eateries rub shoulders with outstanding comfort food and traditional southern fare. Harrisonburg is also gifted with impressive quality and variety, allowing residents to enjoy excellent foreign and ethnic food choices without sacrificing small town appeal. Dining in Harrisonburg is also family-friendly, allowing you to enjoy “date night” even when you bring the kids along.

Below are a few of our favorites:

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