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Moving In

Moving into your Harrisonburg Apartment

All new residents of Colonnade Apartments in Harrisonburg must schedule their move in with the apartment rental leasing office. There is a service elevator that must be reserved for all apartment home move-ins. You are responsible for connecting the following utilities before that time:

Internet and Television:

Electricity: You must have this service connected by the time you move in. Call Harrisonburg Electric Commission at 540-434-5361 or visit at

Telephone: If you wish to have local or long distance phone service, call Verizon at: 540-954-6227 or visit at

Water and Sewer: Will be billed to you from a sub-metering service called Midway Services. We will set up the account for you when you move in.

Trash Collection: Trash collection is included in your rent. Please properly dispose of all trash by bagging it and throwing it in a dumpster

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