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The Best Dog Groomers in Harrisonburg

Finding the Best Dog Groomers in Harrisonburg

Grooming is a big part of most dogs’ lives, and choosing the best dog groomer is an important responsibility. You can always go to PetSmart or Petco, but if you own a pup that needs a regular haircut, you may prefer a more unique dog grooming experience. Dog groomers in Harrisonburg are a special breed, making it possible to keep your best friend looking her best throughout the year while keeping her happy and comfortable.

All dogs are different, and the same is true of dog groomers. It’s a good idea to ask friends, neighbors, and veterinarians for recommendations. You should also call groomers and grooming shops and ask if you can do a “meet-and-greet” before booking your appointment to help you determine how your dog responds to different dog groomers. Mobile dog grooming is also a great option for older dogs who have a hard time traveling or for owners who don’t drive.

Fortunately, there are many types of quality, caring dog groomers in Harrisonburg! Whether your pup is ready for a bath and a blowout or needs a detailed ‘do, there is a Harrisonburg dog groomer who can help. Below are a few options:

Four Paws Grooming

Four Paws has been providing clean, experienced, professional dog grooming to the Harrisonburg area for more than 10 years.  Their reputation for quality pet pampering is fortified by a combined total of 73 years of grooming experience. Attention to detail and a passion for giving pets the best possible care make this Harrisonburg dog groomer a popular favorite.

Pooch Purrfect Grooming

The sign of a successful dog groomer is often a fully-booked schedule! And this is true of Pooch Purrfect Grooming in Harrisonburg. If you want an appointment with the much sought-after Megan, you’ll want to plan and book your appointment soon. The service is worth the wait, and her clients rave about how comfortable their pets are in her care.
The Best Dog Groomers in Harrisonburg

All About Paws

This boarding facility and dog groomer in Harrisonburg offers more than 40 years of experience and a partnership with pet health experts from nearby Ashby Animal Clinic. While their primary services are boarding and doggie daycare, they also offer grooming services including bathing, nail trimming, and clipping. Customers exclaim that their dogs are relaxed and happy at All About Paws.

Country Cutz Grooming

Country Cutz Grooming near Harrisonburg is dedicated to handling your pets with care and tenderness to help them feel comfortable during the grooming experience. Their attention to safety is paramount and contributes to the sense of trust clients and their dogs feel with Country Cutz dog groomers. Their experienced full-service dog grooming is focused on creating the best possible experience for your fur-baby.

A wide variety of choices and quality care make Harrisonburg a great place to pamper your pet and keep her looking her best. It’s important to read reviews and ask others about their experiences as you look for the best dog groomer for your family. Your search is sure to lead you to the Harrisonburg dog groomer that is right for you.